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5 Year Anniversary Mac


I have been at Automattic for over 5 years! I am truly blessed to have found both a company and a role that fit me so well. One of the many benefits of working at Automattic is the 4/5 year anniversary Mac. Typically we are able to refresh our hardware every 18 months. This time around a few of us opted for the new 13″ Macbook Pro with the new M1 chip. What makes this laptop special is that...

Customer Success


Customer Success My favorite definition of Customer Success is very simple. Delivering value with a wonderful experience. If I were to imagine that I myself was in a Customer Success Manager role, I would see my function as making sure that post sale, our new customer stays our customer. I would be regularly taking their pulse to see if they are deriving value from our product and if they need... Doing web stuff over at WordPress VIP