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These past few weeks have brought a lot of change internally. tl;dr, I am ready to close out the blogging chapter of my life. I do not want to stop writing, if anything my desire to write is greater than it has ever been. I’ll be focusing my writing to the pages of a private notebook. For now. I’ll keep up the other sites I have, but this blog will no longer be updated. Thanks for...



There are a few routines that have been in my life for a very long time that I wanted to share. These simple hobbies and habits bring me a lot of joy and are a part of who I am. Maybe they have been a part of forming who I am. Maybe it’s a little of both. 🙂 Downtimes: When I need downtime, I read Calvin and Hobbes comics and listen to music. I have found that REM pairs really well with...



I’ve had many animals during my life, but I have never really loved any of them. That changed when Theodore came along. We rescued Milly from the side of the road and had no idea she was pregnant. The night she gave birth to two puppies was amazing. I had never seen a dog give birth before, that’s the night I met my little Theo. I bonded instantly with this dog and though my wife fought me on it... A WordPress Blog