95 Day Blogging Streak

I recently started using the Full Focus planner from Michael Hyatt and it’s an incredible planner. A long time ago when I was still a teen I went to a Franklin Covey seminar that lasted 2 days. During the course of the two days we were taught how to use the Franklin Planner. That was an incredible experience and gave me the tools I needed to reach my goals. This planner and the system is not all that different, but it’s different enough that I consider it an improvement. Training was simply taking an hour to watch 11 videos.

One of the goals I have is to become better at writing. The goal “become a better writer” is not very specific, especially as a goal. Mr. Hyatt uses the following acronym to help define a goal in a way that breaks it down so it can be done daily as either a Habit or a Goal.


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action Oriented
  • Risky
  • Time Key
  • Excited
  • Relevant

Applying this method to my goal turns it from “become a better writer” into 1 habit and 1 goal. The habit is to post every day for 95 days on this blog and the goal is to complete 1 chapter of a short story by November 30th, 2018.

I chose 95 days because the obvious number of nine zero is going to bring my post up in the results for a popular and hilarious show that uses the number nine zero + days.

For the next 90 days starting on Monday September 3rd 2018 I will be posting daily so that I am practiced in writing even if I do not feel like writing. I am going to leave these posts open for comments, hoping that they inspire comments and critiques.

I hope something I write in the next 95 days hits a chord with you and inspires or challenges you towards your own goals.

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