A Drink & Luggage

Totally random post today. 🙂 

First, what on earth does this mean? The flavor is Rainbow Unicorn. And it says Natural Flavors. Okay, so A. how is that possible? And B. gross. If Harry Potter has taught us anything it’s that you can’t consume a unicorn without dire consequences. Not sure I can drink this. I’ll have to stick to my favorite flavors. Like Cotton Candy, Champagne, Lemon Drop and so on.

I do seriously love these drinks though. Even if the unicorn’s natural flavors taste like watermelon and bubble gum.

Next random item. Took a photo of my luggage after adding a few stickers. I can’t find my stash of GitHub stickers, so it’s not yet complete. Still pretty cool looking though. 

And that’s it for this random and pointless post.

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