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A House

A few weeks ago my wife and I came to Reno Nevada to spend some time with our very good friends. We wanted to catch up because we really miss them, (they moved from Fresno a year ago) do some hiking, and have some fun without the kids. 🙂

We fell in love with this place. It’s beautiful here. The mountains, the snow, the sheer amount of free land you can hike on, camp on, four wheel around … it’s perfect. There are wild horses running around … it’s like a movie. Seriously. So we made a decision to look for a house here. We have been wanting to get into the Airbnb/Vrbo space for awhile, and this presented as a great opportunity.

So I am back this week spending a few days with our friends while we close on a house! It’s been a real adventure just getting the house in this market. We had to do a lot, and it’s definitely a seller’s market, but in a few hours, it’s done! The house is really nice! It’s on a 1/2 acre and has lots of room for entertaining. It backs right up to some huge mountains and unlimited adventures!

I’ll be 100% honest. I could live here. In fact I would prefer to live here over California. We are 30 minutes from South Lake Tahoe, which is my favorite place in California, after my hometown and possibly Yosemite. The laws here make more sense and fit my thinking much more than California ever has. I may even give up my CA license and get a Nevada one. They don’t much care for Californians here, but I think I can change their minds.

I am still building the site, and we have some work to do before we open for business, but check out We already have a bunch of stuff staged at home for our next trip here with a truck. Furniture and such. Stay tuned!

By Shane
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