Almond Avenue Park

After returning from almost 2 weeks in Ireland, my wife flew on to our home and I drove from San Francisco to Livermore to pick up the kids from my parents. I am still here because I developed some ear pain about a week into the Ireland trip. Turns out I have a ruptured ear drum (which feels like a SPIKE driven into my ear) and an inner and outer ear infection. Healing up a bit before driving home.

I have been taking time to be with my kids in meaningful ways. I took my oldest to Peet’s coffee yesterday morning and had a great talk with her. This morning I did the same with my other teen. My youngest and I walked to the park to go on a collection walk, she loves pine cones, rocks, acorns, bugs and leaves. As we walked around enjoying the time I was reminded over and over again just how beautiful and unexpected life can be.

This park is where I played as a kid. Baseball, on the playground, riding bikes all over the place. My dad played here when he was a kid too. I took my kids here for many years as well as they were growing up. So many memories, so many unexpected twists and turns in the road. Some memories make me happy, warm my heart and turn my thoughts towards the creator and author of life. Other memories hurt, and some cause me to long to go back in time for a day and hold a bat and ball again, play a few games and ride home with my friends for a lunch prepared by one of our moms. I have only been alive a short time in comparison to the world around me, but it seems like so very long ago. I watch my daughter playing where I have played, where her siblings have played, where her grandpa has played and it’s a strange feeling. I have felt it for the past two days. Walking downtown listening to my teenager talk about her little world.  At my doctor seeing people I know and catching up. A feeling of familiar, but also strange. Known, but unfamiliar.

I may also sound like my dad now. I was telling my daughter how the park used to be. What was and was not there when I was a kid. Oh man. I stopped as soon as I heard myself reminiscing, but only for a bit. I figure what the heck. I am dad, it’s my job. Maybe it’s the ear ache or the antibiotics and pain reliever, but I am feeling pretty nostalgic. 😉


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