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It’s been a hard summer here. The weather has been consistently in the 100’s for a long time. When it’s 1:00 AM and it’s still 102, you know you are in Fresno. I have been here for almost three years now and I still am not used to the summers. The Bay Area where I was born, raised, and lived all of my life, is not at all like this.

Along with the heat was an alternate schedule that had my weekend on Thursday and Friday. That was so that I could be present for all 9 kids during the day, allowing my wife’s work schedule to be uninterrupted. So I worked Saturday and Sunday.

The summer was very stressful over all and I allowed all this to effect my fitness schedule and routine. Quitting the CrossFit Box I was at and working out at home was not the smartest move. I did not have much choice, but it was bad timing overall and I should have kept it up. I would say that during the summer I pretty much maintained 2 days a week, which is awful.

It’s been about 3 weeks of consistently working out and I am starting to feel a lot better. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am really glad to be back into it. After I reach some goals I plan to augment my home workouts with boxing again.

10 Rounds

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