Back To School 2017

Back To School

The Eckert's Go Back To School 2017!
The Eckert’s Go Back To School 2017!

Time moves so very fast sometimes, the things I remember doing last year, are here again. The vineyards around our home are once again being prepared for harvest, the horses are restless with the heat and the same events that filled my calendar last year are appearing again. It seems like just yesterday I was standing at our front gate with the kids waiting for the bus. It was their first year at this new school in a new town. Climbing on the bus, eyes full of excitement and a little anxiety, nine little people venturing out on a new adventure. For all of them it was a huge change. That year held a lot of change for them, and navigating the waters was tough and probably seemed a little daunting. But they did it! Here we are a year later, and they did it. My oldest is going into High School this year. That’s a big step! Over the summer she took Driver’s Education! So much is changing and time is moving fast. It’s exciting and sobering all at the same time, but I think that means we are doing things the right way.

The kids are almost ready. New clothes, school supplies, schedules and online forms and portals are all set. My wife is very good about preparing, so this year it was not hectic getting it all sorted and ready to go. Just a few last minute items, including a physical and some shots for one of my boys, and we are good to go. It’s exciting and we are praying this year is an amazing one.

I know for sure it will be an adventure.

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