Back to school

A big part of life is the constant change it brings. No matter how good or bad a things are, you know for sure that change is just on the horizon. We long for the bad times to pass and the good times to linger. There was a time when I was very good at resisting change. As a very vocal complainer, it was no secret that I held great disdain for change. I am happy to say that these days I no longer resist change like I used to. I don’t really embrace change as much as I am able handle it better.

When school starts again each year, it’s a huge reminder of change. Watching our children grow and mature is both a little sad and deeply rewarding. Sad because each milestone brings them closer to the day they will be on their own and not a daily presence in my life. Deeply rewarding because all the hard work of parenting and all the sacrifices are showing in their character. These “big” moments in life help to highlight their progress and benchmark where they were and how far they have come.

Last year my oldest was the first to head to High School. She thrived! She discovered boys and that was really rough for awhile there. But she has her head on straight and her faith is being worked out and tested. She made it through last year and I am so proud of her. Academically she has always been brilliant and driven. That was hard to maintain for awhile there, boys, drama, you know, all the things about being a teenager that we remember hating. But she pulled it together and adapted well and finished the year strong.

This year 2 more head to High School. And lucky us, they are both girls. This year will be a challenge for sure. That leaves just 6 kids in the lower grades. Doing the school drop off was strange this past week because we are down 3 kids. I found myself looking for them every now and then. The yearly photo in front of the kid’s school is also a reminder of the changes, as there are only 6 kids in that photo now!

We are so proud of our kids and excited to see what this year brings for them.

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