Beard is a weird word. When you say it a few times, it’s like, what on earth is this word? Beard. Beard. Beard. See, where did this word even come from? Anyway, if you have a beard, you should be taking care of it.

I went to Dope, which is this really great barber shop in Fresno.  I had my beard trimmed and the lines, which did not exist before, defined and made pronounced. It looks so different now! It looks health, and dare I say it … suave. For reals! Suave is not a word I would use lightly! Going to barber is something I should have been doing all along. It’s the difference between looking like someone who should own a white van and and have Costco amounts of candy and looking like a suave mountain man. 

Rich at Dope is a wizard with the straight edged razor and a master with the electric razors. I don’t usually care too much about how the beard looks, but I decided to get it cleaned up for the GM. Now that I have seen the difference a trim can make and how shaping it makes all the difference in the world, I plan to keep it up.

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