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Bitwise in Fresno


I recently moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Fresno California.

We live far from town in the country and as such, the internet is not always reliable. I was amazed to find the Bitwise building. It’s a really great place that offers a co-working office. I am currently renting a desk here in a section they call Desk Hotel.

Bitwise Desk City

The building is filled with smart people running businesses, several of which are built on WordPress or offer WordPress Development. It was purposefully built in a part of Fresno that needed urban renewal, and it’s doing the trick. Here is the cool part, the ground floor has what they call Geekwise Academy. There are classes in Web Development, Virtual Reality, different programming languages and more. And these classes are primarily for Middle School and High Schoolers. For some that do well in the classes, they are offered an internship with the companies in this building which can lead to a full time job. Some of the later classes are for adults, I am in the JavaScript 1 class which meets twice a week for 3 hours, and it’s great!


So this building draws together as much local talent as possible. The amazing murals are done by a local artist. Checkout one of the meeting rooms. It’s called The “Halo” room and has Master Chief painted on the wall.
Bitwise: Halo Room

All the floors have a Bay Area vibe to them, they feel like home. It’s got great A/C, which in the crazy Fresno heat is much appreciated. (It’s typically between 106 and 111 degrees in the summer.) The building also has it’s own ISP. There is a Cafe’, a UPS Store, a fully stocked Kitchen that I have access to, and a Gym, among other things. Throughout the week we have events. BeerThursday, Coffee Friday, Massages on Wednesdays, etc. This is such a great find!

I make it in 3-4 times a week!

I just wanted to share this great find.?

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