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Dad’s LLNL Page


I added a section to my father’s memorial site that talks about his time at LLNL. The lab has an internal newsletter and the content of this page was provided by the article they will be running in the newsletter, including several memories from co-workers spanning the 45+ years he worked at LLNL.


SG Special


My father left all his guitars to me. All 36 of them. I spent a few days going through them all and cleaning them up and documenting them. While they are all very nice, with some of them being extremely nice, there is one that stands out. That’s the 1961 Gibson SG Special. This guitar is special to me. My dad used to take it out when I was very young and play it for me. His kick around...

Small Remodel


While the remodel was somewhat small, the amount of time it took was not. What was supposed to be just a week, turned into 5. It was rough living in our living room for those weeks, but it was worth it. Our laundry list was somewhat short. Remove carpet and install flooring in 4 rooms (kids rooms + master)Remove popcorn from ceilings.Texture all walls in the 4 roomsMove some vents in the floors...

Hidden Wounds


Physical wounds are easier to deal with than wounds of the heart. You can see them with your eyes, you can touch and attend to them with your hands. You don’t have to prove to anyone, including yourself, that you have them. If my leg has a wound and it’s broken, it’s pretty easy to accept that. I can’t walk, if I do, it hurts. Given time and treatment, the wound heals and...

AKA Papa


I created a memorial website for my dad. You can visit that site here. ( We are collecting stories and memories about my dad, so if you have one, please consider sharing.

Here is my my post that doubles as the site’s about page.

Dad at LLNL (Building 113) – 1970’s

You Can’t


You can’t make someone love you.You can’t make someone care.You can’t control “things”.You can’t change someone’s heart.You can’t think for someone.You can’t truly see through someone else’s eyes.You can’t be anything you want to be, but you can try.You can’t do it on your own.You can’t bring someone back after they are...



Today was a life changing day. In January of 2019 my mother passed away. Today my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, just two short years after my mom. I have never liked January, it’s the let down after Christmas. It’s the Monday of the year. The feeling right now, aside from the loss and sadness, is a profound disconnect from who I am. A very large part of my identity was...

Three Hours Every Day


Practice makes perfect. I have heard that so many times! As a kid it’s what I was told about getting better at guitar and piano. Whenever I wanted to do something new, it always came down to practice. Practice and practice some more. It’s a basic concept, one that makes sense, but is easier said than done. I prefer to just be good at stuff. Have you heard of Masterclass? Basically...

Sabbatical Plans


After 5 years I have earned a sabbatical! I have planned it for the summer of 2021. Here are the things I want to do. Travel: 14 days in New Zealand (Bonus: Hobbiton!)Complete this rally school, get licensed and participate in a rally. While there drive and explore New England in a rally car, possibly WRX or BMW. (14 days)Camping trip in Tahoe or Sierras with family, including...

My Bucket List


Updated often. And growing, because … life. Travel Travel to GermanyTravel to IrelandAlaskan Cruise and a side trek to the Yukon to visit Lisa (Scheduled for summer of 2021)Travel to NetherlandsTravel to New Zealand and see Hobbiton (Scheduled for summer 2021)Travel to MexicoHike Half DomeTravel to CanadaTravel to Scotland3 month hike on the pacific trailTravel to IcelandTravel to...

The Bike Path


The bike path starts at the edge of my old neighborhood, it begins at the sidewalk and winds all the way through to the other side of town where it ends by Granada High. I have taken this path countless times. As a child this path would take me to many adventures! Then later in life I would ride my bike to Spanish class far, far across town. As an adult it was great for casual walks with a child...

Chicken Wrangling


As a “city kid” the last few years have brought a lot of new experiences as I stumble my way through life on a small family “ranch”. Over the years we have accumulated chickens, ducks, goats, horses, many dogs and cats and the occasional vagrant 4 legged creature. I have almost grown accustomed to the joys and the sorrows of bringing new animal life into the world. Almost...

Candy Corn


White, orange and yellow from top to bottom, with an ultra sugary sweetness that is both intoxicatingly addictive and sickening at the same time. Fair warning though, they are hard to put down once you start eating them, and you always regret eating them. Well, at least I do. Eating Candy Corn is not something I intend to do, where as eating bacon is intentional. I am not sure I really even like...

Kitchen Completed


Just a few finishing touches needed, like the completed doors, and we will be done. We added 1800 square feet on to the house to add this kitchen which took almost 14 months to complete. We are really happy with the results, though we would not use the same contractor again. The cabinet company was a delight to deal with. We love the cabinets so much we had them do the same treatment on several... A WordPress Blog