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Update WordPRess Via WP-CLI


Updating WordPress Core via the CLI. Updating WordPress via the CLI is pretty easy. First make sure you have wp-cli installed. I’ll use my Linode as an example. # wget --2021-08-02 03:09:12-- Resolving (,,, ... Connecting to (|185.199.108...

First Commit to WordPress Core


This week during the Grand Meetup I was in a class called "Contributing to Core". It was such a great class in that I got an inside view to all things WordPress Core. By the end of class I had my very first commit to WordPress Core. The commit was a fix for #45028 that my co-worker filed during the class.

WooCommerce: Emails are not sending


One of the more frequent issues that we hear about day to day is that WooCommerce is not sending emails for new orders (or any emails at all). There are several reasons that this may be happening. The most common reason is that the status of order is such that an email is not going to be sent. Some times the email may not even be enabled, or the server is not sending the emails. While we do have...

WordPress: Adding custom fields


Every day that I get a CrossFit workout in, I like to record that on my site, Level Up CrossFit. But that is a time consuming task that I have less and less time for. I don’t want to stop doing that, so I decided to add some custom fields so that entry is easier and formatting is all done. Enter Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin makes it very simple. Just add the custom fields in the...

Send a coupon to a customer after signup


WooCommerce: Send a coupon! Send a coupon to a customer as a reward for subscribing to a list and/or creating an account during checkout. With Follow Up Emails you can create a list for your customers to subscribe to, create a sign up form to subscribe to that list, and send them a coupon for doing so! This is what you do. Create a new coupon in Follow-Up Emails Create a new Signup Email in...

WooCommerce Image Size Settings


WooCommerce 3.3 Image Size Changes WooCommerce 3.3 got some Image Size Improvements. You can read all about that here. This has caused a little confusion because if a theme defines the image sizes then a few options disappear. What once looked like this: Now looks like this: The change is that these two settings have been hidden. Main image width and Thumbnail width If you see these missing, this...

Things 3 Alfred Workflow


A Workflow for Alfred and Things 3 Alfred is a must have for all Mac users. It’s a Productivity booster in so many ways. Today I added a workflow that will quickly add items to my Projects in Things 3. All you need to do is head here and download the workflow. The usage is pretty straight forward. + title #tag1 #tag2 [project name/area name] ::note >duedate I like to track the cases I do...

‘homestead’ already exists


A VirtualBox machine with the name ‘homestead’ already exists. Thanks to this article, the solution was quick and easy. I kept getting this error, out of the blue. I hate this error. I knew it was not running, which means that Homestead was confused. A VirtualBox machine with the name ‘homestead’ already exists. Please use another name or delete the machine with the...

OTP with Yubico YubiKey 4

YubiKey 4

YubiKey 4 Yubico makes this amazing device that supports two-factor authentication. The YubiKey. It has two slots that can be configured for different services. I have slot one configured for OTP (One Time Password) and one slot configured for a very secure static password. To use slot one, you place your finger on the gold “y” emblem that’s lit by a green LED. To use slot two...

WooCommerce Subscriptions Can I Remove Product?


If I remove a product or a product variation from my store, will that effect past Subscriptions based on the product I removed? I get this question a lot, and it makes sense. If you run out of stock, you don’t want to sell it anymore. Or what if you just want to discontinue a product, but still plan to sell it to folks who already have a Subscription? The answer is yes, removing the product...

WooCommerce Multiply all costs by person count

Alien Person Type

Today I had a really great question about the Multiply all costs by person count option in WooCommerce Bookings. This can be a pretty confusing option. So no worries. If you got confused by this one, you are not alone. So you check the check box next to Multiply all costs by person count thinking “great, now the price will be multiplied per person”. In our example the Alien person...

Troubleshooting WordPress Permalinks

Troubleshooting WordPress Permalinks

Troubleshooting WordPress Permalinks The Issues 1. Custom permalink 404 Error 2. Web server not reading .htaccess file So you have your .htaccess file all setup per the WordPress Codex. But your post name links are returning a 404. You have tried modifying your .htaccess file many times. So what gives? A good test at this point is to add some junk to the .htaccess file. Save it. Test your site...

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