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Change of Direction


The Why Of Blogging

It’s been awhile since I last posted here on my blog. Since my last post, I have been digging into why I enjoy blogging and what I am blogging. basically checking my motives and seeing if I am adding value in my writing and if it’s even necessary beyond my enjoyment of writing.

In the meantime I have been journaling. I guess blogging where no one can see it, which is really close to what I do here given that no one really reads this blog anyway. Kidding! Sort of. I have been using Day One, which is an App my company developed. I love it! I can journal every day and I don’t have to use text if I don’t want to, I can use photos or voice. One of the biggest features I enjoy is the calendar view.

Turns out I enjoy journaling privately. I am able to express myself through writing and feel the creativity flow that way.

Purposeful Blogging

What I do love about Blogging is serving others, bringing value to the table, and adding my voice to the internet in a way that is beneficial, positive, and creative.

I enjoy technology, WordPress, Videography, Photography, Theology, Psychology, Philosophy, my family and our ranch, my kids and their hobbies, my hobbies, music, and so on. There is a lot I can draw on to attempt to help and serve others on the net. But it’s too much. There is no focus in such a pile of passions. So I think it’s best to boil it down to just one subject. I’ll leave my old posts up, several are regularly visited, the ones around WordPress and WooCommerce.

Back Story

For the longest time I have wanted to tell stories. I love storytelling and I live for the reaction of others when they hear a good story. I like telling stories with music, but I am just not that good. I can play piano and guitar really well, but so can a ton of people. I tried making music and posting it online, but to my suprise (for reals, I thought I would be an earth-shattering-one-of-a-kind find) no really cares for my music. Which is fine, I enjoy making it. It’s very fulfilling. But if no one will listen to my story, there is a huge part of the process missing. A good portion of my delight, my joy, comes from speaking to someone’s heart and moving them. Moving them to action, to feel deep emotions that encourage and give them light and fire for life. I have tried writing, and I do love it and I am good at it. But at this point in my life, I am not ready to sit still and write. I take notes, I journal (see above), I am gaining experience, and one day I will be a writer, if God gives me enough time here to do so. No, for now, I want to tell stories in a different way.

Enter film (Digital).

Several months ago I invested in videography equipment. (Camera body, lenses, and more lenses, cards, gimbal, drone, screens, etc.) A good friend is letting me take care of the video at her weddings for free to get experience. Weddings will be the training ground. Telling the story of a wedding day is special. It’s difficult to be unique, capture the couple (especially when you don’t know them, but there are clues during their special day), and it’s difficult to shoot video and do well in post production. It’s incredibly difficult. I have taught myself a lot. I am starting to share my videos with people I trust to receive feedback. I fail a lot. But I am growing. I am passionate about this. I want this.

So I found a passion worth blogging about. Teaching is just another way of storytelling. My story, my journey, to becoming a videographer will be documented here. I am hoping that I can share what I have learned, how I learned it, the mistakes I make, and the ways I grow. I want to do this in a genuine and transparent way. Teaching also helps me learn, so this is probably just a selfish way of getting better, but I hope not.

The goal. The goal is really to be the best storyteller using video that I can be.

So there you go! This blog has a purpose now and I hope moving forward that I actually use it!

Stay tuned!

By Shane
Shane Life Cinematic