Chickens and cats

Our chickens are big enough to start free roaming our property, but we worry about our cats taking them out. We lost two early on to our cats who pulled them through the chicken coop when they were chicks. That put us at 22 chickens. 

Today we clipped their wings and let them start wandering around the north side of our property and introduced the cats to them. For the most part the cats did not care, but there is one, Loki, who does see them as meals with feet.

We are really not 100% sure what to do next, aside from hope they are big enough to defend themselves or stick together as a pack. A couple of the kids said it would be really funny if they hunted Loki, and I believe they could! These things are aggressive and primal. They act like little velociraptors. They eat their own, did you know that? When we feed them left over salad, if there is chicken in the salad, they will go for that first and fight over it! So messed up!

We do plan on adding some sheep and goats to the 1 acre where they are which may help. As well we hear that getting a rooster will really help. They are supposed to adopt the hens as their brood and then protect them.

I also have just one more post to install for the gate and then all our property will be 100% fenced in! Racking the north field as well to prepare for the goats and sheep.

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