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Back Pain is a show stopper.

The tldr; is that this stuff really works. Of course it depends on what’s going on with a person, and it depends on the doctor and their treatment. But if it’s something fixable by your own body, then a chiropractor might be a great option for you. It was for me.

My initial appointment was June 22nd where I recieved x-rays and an initial adjustment. About 3 weeks prior, while installing baseboards for 3 days straight, my lower back got stiff and started hurting really bad. Shooting pain bad. I was in Reno working on the house we just bought to be an Airbnb, and so I still had the drive back home which was over 5 hours. By the time I got home the pain was unbearable. The following day It was so bad all I could do was lay down, not sit or stand.

Each morning I was able to get up and function, just with a lot of pain. Sleeping reset things a bit so I was able to at least function on Ibuprofen. But it was getting worse, not better. Eventually I could not put weight on my right leg and sitting was 100% out of the question as it resulted in my back freezing up and locking in place and an intense nerve pain. I can’t even really describe the pain, it’s like electricity flowing through your body causing pins and needles, hot and cold flashes, it was pretty dramatic.

Unsure of what to do, I went to the chiropractor before going to the doctor. I am so glad I did. The initial adjustment brought a ton of relief. The x-rays showed 2 disc out of place and a very inflamed bundle of nerves. Moving forward was 2 adjustments per week, icing my back and avoiding any twisting. Along with no more running. Only walking.

My Chiropractor believes that my losing 70 pounds along with running caused the issues. After losing 50 pounds I started running. A lot. The impact of running plus the adjustment my back was making to a lot less weight resulted in where I was. I was skeptical, and I still am a bit, but I “ran” with it.

So I did what she said. Sort of. I did walk every day for about 1.5 hours and that helped a ton. I felt relief in walking most days. Some days it was excruciating. That’s the odd thing about the process, good days, and bad day, where the bad days don’t make any sense. No idea what brings bad days on, but they come and they feel defeating, but they pass. I iced my back. I avoided weight lifting, running, all the things that I enjoyed that help me lose weight. Like a fool I did spend a few days moving furniture in Reno getting the Airbnb house ready for guests, but I did it pretty smart. My core is much stronger today and my posture is stronger than before. I think that set me back a few days, but it was worth it.

So I have about 3 weeks of adjustments left, but for the most part, the pain is gone. I have mobility back, just not 100%. There are times I sit a certain way and I feel it creeping back, so I adjust.

I believe I am through the worst of it. I’ll finish the treatment plan, which also includes a few other adjustments for some other problem areas that I can see in the x-ray, but I don’t yet feel. Some common stuff with people like me that sit behind a computer for a good part of the day.

So I am totally sold on Chiropractors. Allowing my body to heal itself sounds very logical. In practice it worked for me. I can see this not being an option if there is actual damage that requires surgery, but even then I think you could do both and have great results. I am so thankful surgery is not what I need and that as of now I am doing so much better. I suggest looking at using a Chiropractor if you have any pain like I described. The x-rays will tell you if they can help or not. If they can, it’s so worth it!

Insurance wise, I have really great insurance, but it’s not covered as well as I would think it should be. I have to meet a 3K deductible first. Not sure why that is, maybe because it’s not considered a primary form of health care? It should be.

By Shane
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