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The recurring theme in my life for the past 6 months has been in the vein of this simple message. It’s not about me

It started with this quote from Francis Chan. “God wants you to resemble His Son, especially when you gather with your church family. Do you show up to gatherings looking to serve? As some of you read that question, you feel burdened—like a weight was just placed on you. You already live a busy life, and you want the church gathering to be a place of rest, where you can be fed. If you think that sitting back and letting the church staff feed you will bring you the most fulfillment, you are so wrong. God promised that those who give will be most blessed (Acts 20:35). Takers are the most miserable people on earth. It is our inability to take our eyes off ourselves and put them onto others that destroys us. This is what Jesus saves us from. This is what the Holy Spirit wants to do in us. The most humble people are typically the happiest.”

This month I am launching a new site. is born from a desire to “Make His name great”.  Stay tuned.

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