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A year ago I said good bye to the CrossFit Box I was a member of and I started doing CrossFit at home. My wife and I assembled a little gym that includes all the things I would need to CrossFit here at home. That includes a bar, weights and various items needed, as well as a really nice 4 post “rig”. The idea was to make working out more doable with our schedules. With all the kids and their schedules along with my schedule, it’s hard to get to classes at the time most CrossFit boxes have classes. This worked pretty well for awhile, but after a few months it was hard to keep it up. Work, kids, schedules, a few difficult crises and a long summer derailed things a bit.

A huge part of CrossFit is the community. Not only does the community keep you coming back, but the group of people you CrossFit with motivates you to push hard with each WOD and makes it fun and enjoyable. Without that element, I am not doing very well.

I need to be CrossFitting at a Box and a part of a community. Even if that is just 1-2 days a week. I prefer 3-4 times. There is a Box here in Fresno that I want to go to, but I keep backing out right before it’s time to go. I have a lot of anxiety about returning to a box. It’s a bit rough because I feel I have lost so much ground. Humbling is a good word for it.

I expressed this to the owner of the Box I want to join and I got the most amazing reply back. This motivates me even more to return to the CrossFit community that I love so much.

Hi Shane,

I feel for you. It can be hard to get going again. Even though I practically live at the gym I often find myself getting busy and neglecting my workouts.

My solution lately is to allow myself to do an easier version (usually lighter weights) so I can at least get a win for the day. But the best way is to workout is with other people.

I hope you do come in soon. When you’re ready, we’ll be here. 

See what I mean? I am feeling very motivated to start attending a few times a week to build back up. Tonight I hit my workout really hard!

6 rounds for time of:
60 double-unders
30 kettlebell swings
15 burpees

Warm up was a 2 mile run. After the workout, I was toast! Checkout my burpee angel!


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