CrossFit Open 17.5 

The last one. And I could not RX this one. Having done the other 4 RX and this one Scaled kills my score. Ah well. Next year. Those pesky double unders. They are not going to stand in my way again  

Doing the open this year has been amazing. I have bonded deeper with the folks at my box and got some pretty big goals both skill wise and strength wise. I am proud of my performance in the open this year. I can’t believe this all started for me in 2012 with Rich in his garage. CrossFit, like anything, can be overdone. Like most things in life balance is key. CrossFit has been a life saver for me. Not just health wise, but if you know my story it also was my anchor (the folks at my box in pleasanton) in the biggest storm I have ever faced. 

Thanks CrossFit and Thrive Fitness. 

Also. Day 74 of 1500 calories a day.