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Everything I know about Cryptocurrency, which is not much, I learned from Andrei Jikh. I am in no way an authority on the subject, I am very much a noob that dabbles, I don’t even research that much, I just wanted to own some Cryptocurrency (and stocks).

I use Robinhood and Webull as well as directly purchasing Cryptocurrency from an exchange like Coinbase and storing that using Ledger Nano X and S.

At the moment, Bitcoin is worth 46,758.40.

As well Tesla just invested 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, which along with Elon’s tweets about Dogecoin, has done some interesting things.

I invested a very minimal amount but have seen my investment more than triple. I am really not sure what the future holds. The experts say this is a bubble and it’s going to burst, but to date they have been wrong. In this new world created by COVID, are the experts still experts? Is this a bubble that will crash or is this how Cryptocurrency becomes the standard? I just don’t know, but it will be an interesting ride for sure.

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