Drawbacks to CrossFit at home

Fitness At Home

Working out at home is convenient. Crazy schedules and hectic days no longer stop getting a workout in. Instead of missing a workout or struggling to get to and from the box during the established class times, you have options. But there is a few drawbacks as I have found out.

A huge part of CrossFit is the community, and I miss that greatly. The community aspect of CrossFit not only encourages you, it pushes you to work harder. I work hard during my workouts, but not as hard as I think I could be. Yesterday I threw together a quick workout that was basic, run 5K and then Dead Lift Ladder to a 1 Rep Max. I pushed hard on the workout, but I stopped at 365 pounds for my deadlift. I know I could have gone heavier, I was not even close to my max, but I let doubt get in my head and without anyone there to push me I quit. Something I regretted latter in the evening.

I am not sure how to solve this issue. It would be great to workout with other people, but then I would have to have regular times for working out, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Another draw back is workout programming. I typically follow a CrossFit Box here in town that posts their workouts every day. The one they had posted for yesterday had Wall Balls, something I don’t yet have for my home box. That’s why I created my own WOD. I am okay with creating WODs, I learned how during the Level 1 course and I have put together workouts many times, but I don’t have a talent for it. So I use CrossFit Iron Buffalo’s WOD and that works well. But sometimes I don’t have what is needed to do the workout. It’s not often as I have just about everything, but still, it does happen.

These are not horrible drawbacks at all. Just a few thoughts I thought I would share.

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