Family Camping Trip

Family Camping Trip

Our Family Camping Trip was a huge success! We are home with a bunch of tired, sun tanned, worn out kiddos. It was such a great time filled with hikes, fishing, camp fires, great food and lots of amazing memories. The planning stage started weeks ago with meal plans and grocery list. Logistically, it took our van that holds 12 and a big truck to hold a bunch more of our stuff.

We started making a meal plan and compiling a grocery list weeks ago. It’s no small task to feed 11 people for a 4 day camping trip. From eggs and bacon sandwiches and hamburgers and chips to taco soup and veggies and dip, we ate really well! S’mores were a hit of course and so was fresh watermelon and grapes. The weather varied from hot to warm to really cold after about 2AM.

The kids and I fished several times. One morning I took the 5 girls and then one afternoon I took the 4 boys. It was not until an early morning trip to a part of the creek with deeper pools that we finally caught a fish and managed to get it out of the water. It was pretty exciting!

I think the best part of the trip was how much bonding we did as a family. Quite a few memories and lots of great experiences. It was our first one as a big family. When I find some times I’ll post our list of items we brought, what we wish we had brought, and our meal plan and grocery lost. I cannot wait to return to Dinky Creek next year.  We already have out spots picked out and ready to reserve the moment we can.

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