First time at an MMA Event

My wife and I spent Friday evening in the Savemart center as we supported our trainer Paul Elizondo Jr. who was competing in the Combate Americas Mexico Vs. USA event. It was incredibly fun!

We planned to attend with our gym Title 29 Fitness which is where Paul is a trainer, but that did not end up happening. We did however end up winning VIP passes and sat right by the cage door where the fighters entered the ring! We even had some TV time, which admittedly was a little unnerving, but a lot of fun.

Paul won by submission in the first round, you can see that in the video below:

Paul was the last fight of the night, but we did not know that. We planned on leaving after his fight and enjoying the rest of the night at a restaurant with no kids. (okay, probably a Costco trip and then dinner) We were losing interest after the first fight. It did not seem that exciting, being so far away made it was hard to see the action, so we were using the big screens which is like … we could do this at home. This is not engaging, when is Paul fighting? Then Brandi noticed an announcement on the big screen that said you could win free seat upgrades by texting fresno to a phone number. She did that and we won the upgrade which was more than an “upgrade”, it was VIP seats, the best ones in the house!

After that, the night was very different. The kicks and punches that seemed so small and insignificant from far away now painted a much different picture. The blows were hard and left marks! The grappling that looked rather boring from up in the stands was intense up close. Locked in a battle to stay in it. It’s more than just boxing and landing punches, it’s keeping your opponent from wrestling you into a position where they can put you in submission. Like a choke hold, which is how two of the fights were won. To keep from passing out, the opponent would “tap out” and the fight was over.

I really enjoyed the event and I would probably do another one, especially when Paul fights again. Go Paul! Shameless plug for our Gym where Paul trains … Check out Title29 it’s a great place and there really is no trainer I have enjoyed working with more than Paul.


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