Flash Back to 2014: Level 1

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

In 2014 I was blessed to attend a 2 day Level 1 course at NorCal CrossFit. It was an even bigger blessing because I was trained by incredible athletes that were there for the CrossFit games in San Francisco the following week. Brooke Ence, Pat Barber, Neal Maddox, The Boz, Jason khalipa, and more. It was amazing. Brooke kept tabs on me through the whole two days during which I learned a lot. In fact when we went to the Games in San Francisco, I heard someone call my name and it was Brooke! She wanted to know if I passed or not. 🙂 That totally made my day. So many good memories. I was just recently thinking about that class and the Games and all the fun I had with my Bay Area friends.

CrossFit 17.4

Ketogenic Day One

CrossFit 17.3

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