Forever my always

A poem for you my amazing wife! I love you so much baby! I am so very thankful for you, for your passion, for your incredible sense of humor (okay we both have a super nerdy sense of humor, mine being more nerdy) and for your pursuing love.  It’s been a long time since I have ventured to write a poem, so forgive how rough this is. I’ll be practicing and practicing until it’s second nature again. Who knows, maybe even song writing will return and I can torture serenade you with a song.

Forever (And Ever) My Always

Our forevers were broken
In a life not so long ago
Dreams twisted into nightmares
Laughter exchanged for bitter tears

Love makes a way
Where there is no way
Between two points on a map
Through impossible odds

Better is now than ever before
Humility and grace overflow
Deeper than we dared hope
Forever returning with each moment of the day

Strength and resolve
Wrapped in beauty and bliss
Sensual and tender is every kiss
Igniting my being with passion and life

The sun, moon and stars chase
In vain they all pursue
To overtake and exceed
Your beauty and your grace

You will forever be my always
Wonderful laughter fills our home
Building our dreams together
With 9 blessings all in tow

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