Gardening with my son.

Have you ever noticed that good dirt smells like life? What I mean is that it smells like “newness”. I guess that does not help either. Ah, you know how in the morning when you step outside on a clear day, you can smell all the potential the day holds in the air. It’s crisp, clean and … new. Dirt smells like that too, it smells like something new, life, beginnings, endings, all wrapped into one. Maybe that’s why gardening is so fun and rewarding. Granted, we garden on a small scale and we don’t farm to produce food to eat or that pays the bills, but we do enjoy the small amount of gardening that we do.

My son loves to garden as much as I do. I have many memories of gardening in 4-H when I was a kid. He has been bugging me to go to the store for a few weeks, so that he can get seeds and plants. So we finally made a trip and got a few plants. My son and I had a blast! Photos below.

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