GM tip #387

After 4 Grand Meetups I have learned yet another an important lesson.

Bedtime is not 9:00. It’s not 11:00. Bedtime is somewhere between 2:00AM and 4:00AM. Last year in Whistler I ignored all the fun and was in bed by 9:00PM. This year, despite my efforts, I am not back to me room before it’s tomorrow. 🙂 

How can I be? Universal Studios has so much going on. Then there is all the Automatticians that are doing things. Party suites, open mic night, Latin dance-off, band rehearsals for the big show Friday night, themed suites, like board games, EDM, and so much more. It’s like a mall of extremely fun things to do.

So tip #387 is to suspend some of your “routine” during the Grand Meetup and enjoy your team and your co-workers. It only happens once a year!

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