Good Visit

Good Visit [Livermore]

When I was a kid, my family and I would go to A’s games almost weekly. It was a quick drive into Oakland and very affordable for us to get some seats, hot dogs and soda. Those are some of my favorite memories. Well my traitorous family switched sides after I moved out. They are huge SF Giants fans. They have been watching the games for year and have got my kids interested in Baseball and the Giants. I am cool with it, just for the record. I have been to several Giant’s games and I have nothing against them, aside from the fact that they are not the Oakland Athletics.

We have been visiting the Bay Area almost every weekend this past summer to support my mom through some hard health stuff. This past week she was in the hospital and it was very touch and go. She is home this weekend and so we drove down to see her. It has been really awesome to see her with my youngest. They are sitting together watching a Giants game as my mom explains all the rules, scoring, players and more. I love it! It’s really neat to see them connecting in this way. My daughter is showing a ton of interest in the game and learning as much as she can.

We have also taken q few walks around Livermore on this visit, including a stroll over to the graveyard about 1/2 mile from my parent’s house where my Grandma and Grandpa are buried. That was pretty emotional for me and neat to share with my kids.

The visit this weekend was unexpected and I was not looking forward to it. The drive is long and I miss our Fresno home and my wife. But it’s been a really great trip and I am really happy we came.

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