Got Bugs?

There is about an acre on one side of our house that I have been working on for several weeks. The horse corral and the chickens are on this side. It’s been overwhelmed with weeds, well it was. I have all the weeds taken care of and almost all of it raked. The last little bit was pretty tough, some of the weeds were massive and their roots unyielding, but it’s done. Maybe 3 more days of raking and I will have 4 massive burn piles for a few weeks from now.

In the process of taking out some of those big weeds, I found a jackpot of bugs. I mean the ground was moving with rollie pollies, beetles, grubs, and all kinds of creepy crawlies. So I ran to the other end of the side yard and started grabbing chickens to bring over. The first one went crazy! Scratching the ground, pecking, eating, it was in a frenzy! Me and some of my boys brought a total of 6 of the 23 over and eventually our rooster made it’s way over. They were in a feeding frenzy. We kept raking and using a shovel to move things around, revealing more and more multi-legged food on the go. It was a feast!

I never thought that a bunch of chickens would provide so much entertainment, but they sure do. Eventually the whole family was out playing with the chickens and laughing at how they behave.

Rooster (Maximus)

Christmas Music 2017

Growing Pains (Remodel)

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