Growing Pains (Remodel)

We are in the middle of a remodel and addition, and it’s stressful!

Our kitchen is very small and cooking for nine kids and two adults is very difficult. Only two, or if you feel sadistic, three people can fit in the kitchen at one time. When my wife and I want to prep food or clean up, it’s a nice intimate setting to do so. But in the summer, no so much. When we want help cooking and cleaning it’s really no fun to have a third or fourth person in there. 

We really like our home. The location is simply amazing! We are deep in the country nestled between vineyards with neighbors too far to see, and most importantly, hear. Several acres to call our own and a unique house we love.

Light switches for the new closet and accent lighting in the girls room

So we are expanding our home and adding a kitchen that will accommodate eleven people. In the process we are also remodeling several rooms, replacing all the hardwood flooring with new flooring, adding a second A/C unit, adding an office for me, and several other smaller additions here and there.

New foundation for new kitchen expansion

The remodel and expansion has been a learning experience so far. Number one lesson, nothing happens when we are told it will happen. Always at least 2-4 days later than expected. Shopping for appliances is something I have never done before. Looking at the showroom, deciding on what was the best fit, and then sticking with just one brand at the request of our contractor. We went with Kitchen Aide and are pretty happy with what we got. I think the new fridge is my favorite, plenty big for feeding eleven people.

Rough framing 

We just had the foundation poured for the addition and framing starts soon. After that’s done we can have the room scanned by the cabinet maker and then meet with him to pick out our cabinets. This includes a 3D rendering of our new kitchen before we sign off and they cabinets enter production. I cannot wait!

The girls new flooring

In the meantime the girls room was remodeled and now has a large closet, hardwood floors that replaced the carpet, and fresh paint. They are pretty happy!

The girls new flooring and new closet before paint
Building materials and a huge dumpster taking up the driveway in front of our garage.
Building materials and a huge dumpster taking up the driveway in front of our garage.

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