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Hawaii: Team Tatooine MeetUp!


My team is having a MeetUp in Hawaii and it should be a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to spending some time with my team, Tatooine in WooCommerce, as well as a team from .com that is having their MeetUp in the same location. We have some cross team stuff planned that should be really great learning experiences.

When I have been on team and company wide meet ups, I have really enjoyed fitness with my co-workers. In Ireland we ran and tried out a CrossFit box in Dublin. In Berlin we ran and in Whistler we ran and did some crazy hiking. We did NOT run in Cancun. Ugh, I hate heat and humidity.

This time I plan to run every morning, hoping with the weather there to be able to crank out 6-10 miles each morning. I also hope to try out a CrossFit box and go on an epic hike or two. The huge bonus this time is that my wife will be with me! We have been enjoying fitness together and I am so thankful that she will be with me on this trip. Raising 9 kids is intense and this trip away is much needed.

I’ll be sure to post photos of Hawaii!

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