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Hidden Wounds


Physical wounds are easier to deal with than wounds of the heart. You can see them with your eyes, you can touch and attend to them with your hands. You don’t have to prove to anyone, including yourself, that you have them. If my leg has a wound and it’s broken, it’s pretty easy to accept that. I can’t walk, if I do, it hurts. Given time and treatment, the wound heals and you can walk again.

Wounds to the heart are hidden. But they are just as real. But because they are hidden they are often neglected. Hurt, trauma, things ranging from abuse to losing someone, these take a toll. Psychologically, emotionally, mentally, these wounds are real. Just like physical wounds they affect us, diminish us and they fester causing more pain. They need to be dealt with, treated, and healed.

The healing comes from first recognizing the wounds, which is possibly the hardest part. They are “hidden” and since we as humans are really good at compensating without even knowing it, the wounds can become even more hidden, they can be integrated into the way we think, feel and act without us really even knowing it. Being honest with ourselves and learning to recognize the abnormalities is a start. Treatment can range from counseling with specific therapy to just taking downtime. We all cope differently with different stressors. Some of us are able to move past one thing, while the rest of us need to stop and process and get some help through it. It’s just so unique to each person, and the same can be said of treatment.

My internal dialog often sounds like “you are fine, just move on”, but that only works for so long. I’ll either come to a crossroads or worse, a wall. The other option is to adapt but, the adaptation leads to a modified behavior that is undesirable, meanwhile I am disconnected a little further from the person I really am.

Hidden wounds need to be healed, not ignored, just as a physical wound should be healed. Infections without treatment lead to death. I think that physical death and “dying inside” are equally bad. I believe that dying inside is what happens when the wounds are too great or too many.

Be sure to get some help and support if you need it. If you need some immediate help here are some numbers. Otherwise check with your friends and family, place of work, community resources etc.

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