House Update October

Things are really moving! My office has been framed up! The interior changes are framed as well. The addition to the house that is our new kitchen is all framed out, plumbing, lighting, electrical, gas, and so on are in! Today they are putting insulation in and the walls are being covered.

We met with the Cabinet crafter a few weeks ago and finalized all our cabinets, our counter tops and all the little touches that are going to make the kitchen unique and amazing. We also are having a custom built in for the new dining room done that matches the cabinets in the kitchen. It’s so neat to see it all coming together.

The HVAC guys are installing the second A/C unit and all the new vents and ducts this week, which is really exciting for next summer. The floors come out soon, which is a little frustrating because they are relatively new floors, but the new floors are spectacular! That means that very soon our existing kitchen will be getting ripped out. Wohoo!

Elsewhere on Fam11y Ranch the chickens are big enough now that they can roam around one side of our property. Getting the rooster (Maximus) was such a great idea, he protects them from the cats. Sadly one of our dogs got ahold of Max, but we were able to save him in time and he is doing well. That dog almost went to the pound, but we are going to try a 100′ leash in the backyard to see if that works. He wants those chickens bad. This weekend or next I’ll be building the boxes for the chickens so they can start laying us some eggs!

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