Snowball Sprint

Confession. It’s been over a week since my last run. I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me turn into a complete lazy mess, but it happens every year. Strict with food and exercise all year long, but Christmas comes along and it’s just carbs and … well more carbs. So with much reluctance the very first thing I did this morning was head out for a run. I knew it was going to hurt after a week of no exercise and lots of participation in carbohydrate and sugar intake marathons. Ugh, yes, more than one marathon. Pastry and home made goodness are my weakness. Um, maybe top 2 weaknesses. Okay, all carbs. All of them. Just give them to me.

So back to the run this morning, as I usually do, opened up iTunes to my running mix and hit play, then opened up RunKeeper … Oh! What’s this? An invitation to join the Snowball Sprint virtual 5K. Ah! Just motivational kick I needed. Yes!

I typically run 3 miles every other day so I just racked on .2 more and knocked this challenge out. The last step is to head to the website and make a donation. I opted for the “wintry t-shirt” because they used the word wintry, which is a real word, like Christmasy. Also my kids love t-shirts.

Beat Nb, the nonprofit charity for kids with neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers, challenges you to a virtual 5K this holiday season. Run for a great cause between December 20 and January 2, and all proceeds will go towards research to find a cure.

For a $29 donation, get a sweet Snowball Sprint finisher medal. Donate $45 and pick up one of our wintry t-shirts AND the medal! Your dollars help fund childhood cancer clinical trials – giving HOPE to kids fighting cancer this holiday season.

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