Ireland Day 3

Day 3 started at 4:00 AM. I know, right? I could not sleep much at all. Being 8 hours ahead is just not fun. Knowing I had to be up at 5:00 and navigate my way to CrossFit Navitas by 5:30 made me a little anxious, but it was easy. Sunrise is 6:53 AM, and so it was dark, but walking 22 minutes to Camden was very enjoyable and felt safe, even though it was dark. The perfect amount of cold, one might say “a brisk morning”. 🙂 I got to CrossFit early and chatted with the coach. Everyone who came, about 7 people, were warm and welcoming. We did 3RM deadlift, I paired up with a really great guy and I think we did around 300+ pounds at the end. A little lighter than I am used to, but it was fun. Then 7Min AMRAP 30 Strict Pull-ups and Max Effort Calorie Row. It was really great. Not as aggressive as home, but we follow the outlaw program, which I don’t really like that much, and with some Jet Lag and lack of sleep, it was perfect. The coach also told me about Crossover Symmetry to get my shoulders back into shape from the injury on 2014. It looks promising.

The rest of the day was working on our project and then ending the day with a WordPress Meetup where we answered questions about WooCommerce and WordPress.


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