It’s that time of year

November. When I start listening to Christmas music, Starbucks comes out with wonderful drinks I can’t drink anymore, (but sneak and do once or twice), when the weather gets colder and the comforting smell of fires in fire places fills the air. I love it.

This year I am sporting a beard. 🙂 The rugged winter look is a trial. I’ll let it go until January and see if it’s doable or not.

House Update

The house is moving along. All the cabinets are in and they look good. But still a lot to do. The paint, the granite counter tops, flooring, and a lot of finishing touches. So far we are really happy! Having the cabinets custom made is so the way to go. All the detail and fit is so amazing. Once they are treated with the stain and paint we want, along with the floors and such, it’s going to be so beautiful.

The appliances are going to looks so good, cannot wait for them to be installed!

We have been able to have several dates nights, including catching a dinner and a show at Roger Rocka’s! We are super excited to be going to Hawaii early next year. My team meet up is in Hawaii, so we are going to do the same thing we did for Ireland and have my wife join me for some extra time there!

Halloween came and went without too much notice. Just Trunk or Treat at the church and some fun at home after. Stay tuned for more.

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