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For years I have been hacking JavaScript and CSS. With CSS I had read through enough CSS Books and worked with enough developers that I picked it decent enough to get by. My skills with CSS hit an all time high when I used CSS in depth for several clients while working with an amazing company in New York, PacketTide. I would say that I am pretty proficient with CSS now. But JavaScript was just not coming to me using the same method. I knew it was going to take a class to make that happen, and a good class at that.

I am now wrapping up week 6 in a JavaScript 1 class held here locally. And it’s been amazing. I have written a app that modifies the DOM in real time and demonstrates that I can use JavaScript for each programming method in CRUD (create, read, update and delete).

The most enjoyable part of the class was having concepts sink in. Building functions over and over again, manipulating arrays, walking through parent-child elements and getting our feet wet with Objects.

When I have completed the final, probably after the 2016 GM, I’ll post that here. 🙂

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