Ketogenic Day Three

Ketogenic Day Three

Today was a rest day, aside from a 1.5 mile run in the evening. No CrossFit, which seems to work well for my schedule.

I also am making a significant change and increasing my calories from 1200-1300 and making that 1600-1800. For my activity level and my weight, 1200 is way too low. I think that’s why I am having trouble with mental clarity and hunger that keeps me up at night. Consuming 1200 calories and then burning 400-600 of those calories is too much of a deficit.

I think the headaches, which are getting a little better, are from sugar withdrawal, but to a greater degree, caffeine withdrawal. And to be honest each day I had 1-2 drinks that had both. The Latte’s from Starbucks were a huge contributor to sugar and caffeine in my diet, as well as a detractor from my budget.

There is caffeine in my pre-workout and my post-workout drinks. But those both have 0 carbs and 0 sugar. And the caffeine is less than the triple shots I was having 1-2 times a day. I am thinking that after a few months, when I know it’s a choice, not an excuse to go back to that caffeine addiction, that I will add in Bulletproof Coffee. Right now I get the MCT Oil into my diet by adding it as an oil to foods.

Adjusted Schedule

Monday: CrossFit & Running (Speed)
Tuesday: CrossFit
Wednesday: Running (Speed)
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: CrossFit
Saturday: Running (Endurance)
Sunday: REST

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