Ketogenic Days 15 and 16

Ketogenic Days 15 and 16

The weight coming off has many benefits. Like getting my mile time when running down to 8:30. Still want to see 7:XX for my mile time, but 8:30 is not bad when I started at 13+. Also it’s better than sitting on the couch binge watching Science Fiction and munching on more peanut butter and ice cream than I am willing to acknowledge, let alone admit it. Okay it was Nutella. Maybe it was both. And burritos. Oh yeah. Burritos. I want burritos.

At work I found a Channel dedicated to Keto. Which is awesome. Nice to know there are lots of folks doing the diet as well and that it’s working for them too. It’s a sustainable lifestyle change and that’s what I am very excited about.

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