Ketogenic Days 5-7

Ketogenic Days 5-7

Days 5-7 have been really, really great.

Friday night, day 5, I spent 7:00PM – 12:30AM with my wife at her work. She is a Charge Nurse at the Children’s Hospital in Surgery, so I hung out in her office and did some work and when she was able to come to her office to do some admin work, we talked about the diet. We researched recipes and got a better understanding of the diet. It was really fun. We also talked with a veteran of the diet and got some tips. We decided to spend Saturday as a date day and go shopping.

Day 6, Saturday I spent the morning with a friend moving a lady in our church. There were heavy items and stairs involved at her new place. I was surprised to find that all that heavy lifting and hard work was doable with no food since 7:00 the previous day. 8-11:30 we were working hard and I don’t eat until 12. I was fine!

Then the rest of the day shopping at Costco, Target, and a few other places together. Just me and my wife! No kids. We had a healthy Keto lunch out at House of JuJu as well. Burger in a bowl. MMMM. We got all the ingredients to make several amazing dishes we saw on our favorite site, DietDoctor. It was a long day of shopping but very fun, my wife is my best friend and we had a blast!

Then we got home, took a dip in the pool and set about prepping, cooking and packaging up some really great dishes for the week. We made Salad Jars, a Casserole and prepped our Salmon. These are all from the Diet Doctor website. Cooking these dishes and not eating anything during was so difficult. We were cooking way past our 8 hour window to eat, but we both did it! I think we finally went to bed around 12:30. Oh, we also made what are called “Fat Bombs” which are sweet tasting high fat treats for when you are in need of a high fat boost. I had some today, day 7, and they were so good! We plan on doing this every other week and making this cooking, healthy eating and fun time in the kitchen a regular thing for us.

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