Mother’s Day

Dear Mom, you will never read this letter, at least I don’t think you will. Maybe, somehow at the end of time you might, but I doubt it. This letter in comparison to the events that mark the end of time and the beginning of eternity … is far less interesting. So I am selfishly writing this letter for my own benefit, pretending you will read these words. This is the first time I have done this. I don’t talk to you, I don’t write to you, mostly I just miss you and recall all the wonderful memories I have of you.

Today has been a rough day for me and your grandkids. It’s Mother’s Day in case you did not know. We feel lonely and sad, which is pretty normal I guess. To be honest we have been dreading this day. Dad, Sharla and Doug have been too. I was texting with them yesterday and we wish we could skip today somehow.

We were going to go watch a movie to distract ourselves, but the movie is still so popular that we were not able to get seats. Who knew Avengers was going to still be close to sold out? Remember how much Lorelai loves Marvel? They are all dying to see it. We will see it tomorrow, I got us 5 seats in a row for tomorrow. Instead, today, we are here at home talking about you and missing you. Maybe we will go for a walk or do something that reminds us of you.

I hate that you are not here to call and talk to. I miss you mom, and being in this world without a mom is awful. The kids miss having you too. You were their mom and grandma. You left a huge hole in our lives. I really hate that the kids cannot make gifts for you, our hands want to do something today to honor you, but there is nothing to do, no one to create gifts for.

It’s been 4 months, but it feels like much longer. Not sure if you keep track of time, but for us it’s been pretty rough, which is why I am glad you are not going to read this letter. I cannot imagine the pain it would cause you to know how much we miss you.

I look forward to seeing you again mom. For now, I’ll wrap this up, Just wanted to let you know we miss you. Your grandkids are doing really well. They are such amazing kids.

Happy Mother’s Day mom. I love you.


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