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My Bucket List


Updated often. And growing, because … life.


  • Travel to Germany
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Alaskan Cruise and a side trek to the Yukon to visit Lisa (Scheduled for summer of 2021)
  • Travel to Netherlands
  • Travel to New Zealand and see Hobbiton (Scheduled for summer 2021)
  • Travel to Mexico
  • Hike Half Dome
  • Travel to Canada
  • Travel to Scotland
  • 3 month hike on the pacific trail
  • Travel to Iceland
  • Travel to Paris
  • Travel to and hike the Himalayas
  • Ride a train from coast to coast.
  • Stay in a HUGE rustic lodge in Alaska during the holidays. Maybe Denali?

Doing things

  • Learn to drift/rally Top of the list!
  • Race my motorcycle on a track (done many times!)
  • Race a sports on car on the track
  • Build a house from foundation to roof.
  • Build a motorcycle for the track
  • Celebrate the first kid to get married
  • Celebrate the first kid that reaches 18
  • Celebrate the first kid that graduates college
  • Volunteer to leave country and serve people somewhere it’s needed for a few weeks.
  • 2 Week backpacking trip into the wilderness
  • 4 Week backpacking trip into the wilderness
  • Participate in a CrossFit competition (3 times)
  • Complete 5K run under 25 minutes
  • Complete 10K run under 1 hour
  • Participate in Spartan or Tough Mudder
  • Rock climbing
  • Fly a plane several times
  • Take my kids on a 2 week camping trip deep into the wilderness
  • Write a book (15% there)
  • Try the “ranch life” and be awesome at it.
  • Work for WordPress
  • Hit 5 years employed at one company
  • Hit 10 years employed at one company
  • Participate in a rally race
  • Own my dream car; 1972 Chevelle
  • Own a cool rally car: Subaru WRX
  • See Hamilton Live
  • Perform a piano piece I wrote at a concert
  • Own a lifted truck and break it doing something fun

Never Stop Learning

  • Earn a college degree
  • Learn Advanced PHP
  • CCNA Certification
  • RHCE Certification
  • Study Customer Success
  • Study Theology
  • Study Philosophy
  • Learn music theory
  • Learn to dance (R&B)
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn Drafting and AutoCAD as well as ProE
  • Learn PHP
  • Next level Piano Skills
  • Guitar
  • Piano

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By Shane
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