October 2017

It’s Fall!

I love fall. October, November and December the the best months of the year. The weather cools down quite a bit, and the smell of both Livermore and Fresno, are very good. I am not sure if it’s the smell of leaves, or the fact that harvest is being wrapped up, but it’s the best. My wife is super crafty, she makes these amazing things all the time. Like the photo below with the sign that says “Give Thanks”, the other side of that says “Merry Christmas” and is decorated in Christmas colors. I think that the reason I love October and the coming of Fall is because it’s a sign that Christmas is coming. That’s the best time of year! I know a lot of people feels this way, but I really do look forward to it. It’s hard not to start listening to Christmas music now, I tried it one year and I did get sick of Christmas music by December, which is just sad. Sad Christmas. So I start listening to Christmas music November 1st and that seems to be perfect. You can see last year’s play list here.¬†Soon I’ll be thinking about what lights to add to our house and how to decorate differently this year. I know my wife will go all out with the tree and all the really great decorations.

This past month or two has gone by really fast. The sun waits much longer to rise in the mornings. So much so that I walk my High Schooler to the corner to catch the bus so she is safe. The photo to the left is looking down one of the water filled rows in the vineyards around our house. On our morning walks to the corner, a few of our cats tag along, it’s kind of a fun routine, if only it was not so early and cold. It’s a whole new world having teenagers and having teenagers in High School. Oh wow. I don’t even know how to describe what a teenage girl in High School is like, it’s just so different than anything I have experienced before, and the parenting skills required are so much more. Not just more, different. I have to parent different, think differently and operate differently with her. Now it’s less about nurturing and teaching and protecting. It’s more about introducing real world consequences, instilling responsibility and helping her to find her way into adulthood. Basically be there to remind her of what I have taught her and help her when she fails to get up and try again. It’s pretty amazing. Intense, but amazing.

Friends and family in the Bay Area are doing well. We miss Livermore and Pleasanton a lot, but our life here keeps us very busy. The picture to the left there are from a few weekends ago, that’s a sunflower from my youngest daughter’s garden. She is pretty proud of it. My parents house is getting a major remodel, and Livermore has more construction, even though you would think that’s not possible. It’s grown so much, and it’s very, very busy. I was just thinking the other day that I want to hit the Peet’s coffee in Berkeley by the Claremont, that place has a lot of memories, and that got me to thinking that it would be nice to take a day or so to wander around the Bay Area and enjoy a few places. Might do that soon.

Christmas Lights + Desk

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Christmas Music 2017

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