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Opening An Airbnb II


Opening an Airbnb From Scratch III

We spent another several days getting the Airbnb ready to open. We thought we might get it this time, but several unexpected things came up during our time. We also decided to add a few more projects to make this place better before opening for business.

The last time I was here was to take care of some projects and check the 4 rooms that had hardwood flooring installed. I spent 3 days installing, prepping and painting baseboard. It was brutal! This time I was with my wife and our friends (Rick and Katherine who are a huge reason why we bought a house here). There were a ton of trips to Home Depot and Walmart, (and a few to Home Goods), but also lots of fun times with our friends including a few double date nights and a movie. While the work is constant and not always fun, it’s great to be doing this together as a couple and we do feel so very blessed to be able to do this. It takes a lot of effort and investment of time to put off the stress that can come with owning two homes, fully furnishing the second one from scratch, and hitting deadlines and scheduling what needs to get done from 5 hours away. We are doing it! Once we have this down and have forged our way through the difficulties, I can see us doing this again and again.


  • We got the Nest Thermostat installed and it’s awesome. Having a way to lock a range in that a guest can use is a huge benefit. For example, I have it locked at the moment so that you can set the temp as low as 72 and as high as 85, and locked into just cooling. No accidental use of the heater.
  • We did a TON of yard work, both in front and back. In other words we filled 8 trash cans with weeds and clippings. Our neighbors are loaning us some of their trash cans so we can get it all out of here in the next few weeks. All our neighbors are just so awesome. Our friends will help us get those to the curb since we are not there to do it.
  • The hot tub is filled and running great, all chemicals added and good to go.
  • Front door lock replaced with Nest digital lock. I love this thing! Looks amazing and works like a charm.
  • Lots of stuff hung on the walls.
  • All bedrooms have really nice furniture, beds are built! Brand new high end mattresses and bed frames, dressers, they look great!
  • Washer and dryer installed and working.
  • Replace several can lighting with new ones that are LED based.
  • Replace remaining lights in house with new white bulbs.
  • Leak under the kitchen sink fixed and new dishwasher installed.
  • Internet updated, secured second network for guests.
  • TV’s mounted on the walls.
  • Installed curtain rod and curtain on back slider.
  • All bedding washed and put on beds.
  • A few more security measures installed.
  • Garage is empty!
  • Coffee Bar completed.
  • Fixed back slider lock and added security bar.
  • Rest of furniture in place.

To Do

  • Get irrigation figured out! The entire front and back yards have irrigation, but no water. It’s a mystery!
  • Electrician comes to add electrical to 4 rooms and installs ceiling fans. These rooms have switches, but no lighting. So we are having that added so lights do not have to be lamps and the fans will help with keeping the place cool.
  • Electrician to add electrical to a lockable closet so I can secure our network equipment.
  • Replace default router from Spectrum with a Ubiquity UDM just like I have here at home.
  • Get lawn back to life.
  • Get a gardener to regularly keep this place looking good.
  • Add a another TV for game room where the pool table is.
  • Print signs for guests. Things like rules and how to use stuff.
By Shane
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