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After 7 years at Kaiser I decided to switch us over to a PPO during Open Enrollment on January 1st. The driving force behind that decision was better care for a handful of my kids that have specific needs at this point in their life. While Kaiser is great, there are a few things here and there that prompted me to try more individualized care.

It has been a nightmare! I don’t suggest switching insurance providers during a Pandemic. It’s mid February and I just now got everyone situated with care. It took that long to find and secure appointments. There were countless doctors and professionals that were not accepting new patients, and the ones that were taking new patients did not have appointments until March or April. Several of my kids are on medications that cannot wait months to be refilled.

Now that we are situated, I am really happy with the decision. I do miss how Kaiser is one entity, so making appointments and picking up prescriptions, it all happens in one visit and in one building. We had all our refills delivered via mail, which is not something I have had the energy to figure out with Anthem Blue Cross. But I will.

What I really like about this move is the individualized care. My kids are getting way more attention, it feels personal and less corporate. The doctors ask a lot more questions, schedule more tests and refer out to specialized doctors when needed. It really feels like they care and are taking their time, instead of feeling like someone on an assembly line with a limited time to be seen. My own doctor visit was thorough, and it was through video. My doctor ordered blood work and has me coming in for a physical in a few months when it is safe to do so.

I would not do it again, just because a few kids were without medication for over a month with all the delays and the difficulty tracking down doctors that could see us. But if we were not in a pandemic, then I would do it again because the results have been stellar so far.

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