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Sabbatical Plans


After 5 years I have earned a sabbatical! I have planned it for the summer of 2021. Here are the things I want to do.

  • Travel: 14 days in New Zealand (Bonus: Hobbiton!)
  • Complete this rally school, get licensed and participate in a rally. While there drive and explore New England in a rally car, possibly WRX or BMW. (14 days)
  • Camping trip in Tahoe or Sierras with family, including 4X4’s, fishing, backpacking and more. (7 days)
  • Visit my coworker and friend in the Yukon (7 days)
  • Learn to surf, just the basics. I have always wanted to. (2 days)
  • Write and write and write in a cabin far away from anywhere. (7 Days)
  • Serve somewhere full time for 2 week. (14 days)
  • Complete some major projects at home. (7 days)

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