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Small Remodel


While the remodel was somewhat small, the amount of time it took was not. What was supposed to be just a week, turned into 5. It was rough living in our living room for those weeks, but it was worth it.

Our laundry list was somewhat short.

  1. Remove carpet and install flooring in 4 rooms (kids rooms + master)
  2. Remove popcorn from ceilings.
  3. Texture all walls in the 4 rooms
  4. Move some vents in the floors around so that they are not covered by furniture.
  5. Paint all 4 rooms
  6. New baseboard in all rooms
  7. Remodel fireplace in the master bedroom
  8. Mount our 85″ TV on our fireplace (brick from floor to ceiling)

The project was off to a not so great start from the very first moment. When the crew, which consisted of 2 brothers arrived, they immediately informed me that they would not be able to remove the popcorn ceilings. They decided the night before that they wanted testing to prove it did not have asbestos. This is reasonable, but not something you tell us the day that work is to start as the testing can take weeks. So we had to scramble a bit. In the end we decided to have all the ceilings in these rooms covered with new sheetrock and then that was textured. We paid for supplies, but were not charged the labor. It added quite a bit of time, but at least they did not charge us for the labor, that was good.

Master during the remodel
Master after the remodel

After that we were told that they found water damage. We had that addressed, but that incurred more charges and added time. As well, our subfloor would cause the moving of the vents to cost a lot more and take more time than they had previously though. So we decided against doing that.

After several weeks the rooms were completed and all that was left was to finish the tile in our fireplace and wrap up a few details here and there. This was a very, very small project compared to the addition and brand new Kitchen we had done a few years ago. We are thankful it’s over and have some more experience for the next time we need work done. We know what questions to ask and what to check for in the crew we hire.

Fireplace Before
Fireplace After

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