#thankful CrossFit At Home

Today I am thankful for CrossFit.

Life is busy. Nine kids, two working parents with busy careers, teenagers, life events, and so on, it’s very difficult to find time for fitness. The times established at the CrossFit box I was going to, were just not working for me so Mid-December I quit my membership. CrossFit has been the only thing that has ever worked for me consistently, for almost 5 years now. So I knew I had to find a way to stick to it.

We started to put together a home CrossFit gym. We got a heavy duty rig that’s 9 foot tall and 10X6 . A nice box for box jumps, kettle bells, A Concept 2 Rower, a few slam balls, a barbell, 350 lbs. worth of bumper plates, and rings, etc. basically enough to to make doing CrossFit at home possible.

For now it will lack the community part of CrossFit that makes CrossFit so good, but I have a feeling that eventually that will work out. I am very thankful for CrossFit, for my wife who is tolerating the addition of a gym, and for my awesome cousin Chris.


CrossFit 17.2

CrossFit 17.4

#thankful for my friend Rick

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