#thankful for grace and process

Today I am thankful for.

I am thankful for grace. I am thankful that the world is full of graceful people who are patient as we all learn to navigate life at all ages and stages. No one grows up all at once, and no lesson is learned instantly. We are all in different processes and as this is the case, we must all be patient and kind with each other. You may be years ahead of me in one process, and I may be years ahead of you in another. Or maybe you are just ahead of me in all areas and I surpass you in none. It’s my role to be humble and respectful and your role is to be gracious and patient. I am thankful for the way this works, thankful that there are so many people who are convinced of this as well. Grace goes a long way at building lasting relationships, but pride and selfishness will only destroy. Today I am thankful for the grace that is in our world. I am infinitely grateful for the ultimate manifestation of grace that we honor every year in December.


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