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Three Hours Every Day


Practice makes perfect. I have heard that so many times! As a kid it’s what I was told about getting better at guitar and piano. Whenever I wanted to do something new, it always came down to practice. Practice and practice some more. It’s a basic concept, one that makes sense, but is easier said than done. I prefer to just be good at stuff.

Have you heard of Masterclass? Basically it’s a site for learning. Learning through videos on topics taught by giants in their fields. Chef Ramsey covers cooking for example. The courses I am interested in are the writing courses and so far my favorite has been the class taught by Walter Mosley.

Long story short, one of the things he says that he does daily, and has for almost 30 years, is get up in the morning and start writing. He writes for three hours every day. He writes at least 1,000 words and then stops. The next day he reads and edits what he wrote, and then writes another 1,000 words. After awhile he has his novel.

Three hours every day is commitment. The first three hours of every day! I admire that level of commitment. I’d like to give this a try, though I cannot start with three hours a day, getting into the practice of writing daily is a start.

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